Quality / Envioronmental Activities

We make it a top priority to improve quality of our products. To achieve high product quality to satisfy customers, we have acquired ISO9001 certification in 2000. All divisions including manufacturing, sales, development, administration and quality control department set goals for quality based on general quality policy. We hereby endeavor to improve quality of our products.

General Quality Policy

  1. We will develop and advance products that can anticipate and satisfy the demands of our customers.
  2. We will work by following the rules in conformance with ISO9001:2015.
  3. We will supply reliable products by "building in quality" at every stage of sales, design, production and after sales services.
  4. We will strive to improve quality of our products and the processes by monitoring and reviewing customer perceptions and the effectiveness of our operations.

We have also acquired ISO14001 certification in May 2005 with the aim of integrating with green global environment and thus being trusted by local residents, customers, employees and other stakeholders by improving major influence which may occur through corporate activities.

To meet the globally recognized responsibility for sustainability, we've mounted solar panels on the roof of our building for green energy solar power system. The system covers approximately 20% of the whole electricity consumption and we contribute to the reduction of CO2.

ISO14001:2015 CertificateAdobe PDF icon(890KB)

ISO9001:2015 CertificateAdobe PDF icon(841KB)